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2018 Conference
   Call for Presentations

Call for Presentations   

Macau Association for Applied Linguistics Hong Kong Association for Applied Linguistics AsiaTEFL
The 16th AsiaTEFL International Conference
The 6th Hong Kong Association for Applied Linguistics Conference
The 1st Macau Association for Applied Linguistics Conference
at University of Macau, Macau SAR, China

English Language Teaching in the Changing Glocalised World:
Research and Praxis

June 27th to 29th, 2018
Call for Presentations
    The 16th AsiaTEFL International Conference provides a forum to address the issues that ELT practitioners face in the changing glocalized world. Research into applied linguistics and ELT highlights a tension between two trends. First, the trend towards globalization emphasizes the continuing need for a global lingua franca, a role taken on by English currently. At the same time, recent research recognizes the importance of the local, with local varieties of language developing to serve the needs of multilingual local contexts. All of these developments are taking place in the context of rapid changes in digital media and communication technologies. These tensions and changes require a response that emerges both from state-of-the-art applied linguistic research in ELT and the insights of dedicated practitioners. Our aim for this conference is to bring together the ELT community in Asia so that we can work together to forge a common response to the challenges we face, a response that draws on both research and praxis.
The organizing committee invites proposals on any aspect of applied linguistics and ELT in Asia. Proposals that target the following sub-themes are especially welcome:
  • Language planning and language policy
  • Methodologies and teaching approaches
  • Curriculum and syllabus design
  • Materials design
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Second language acquisition and literacy development
  • English for academic/specific purposes
  • Teacher education and professional development
  • Programme management and leadership development
  • Digital literacies/language learning and technology
  • Intercultural communication and global competencies
  • Plurilingualism and translanguaging
  • World Englishes/English as a lingua franca
  • Multilingual and multicultural education
  • Other languages
  • Identity and learner autonomy
  • Discourse/genre analysis
  • Creativity and critical literacies
  • Teaching younger learners
  • Teaching adults
  • Working with special needs students
  • English learning and global social developments
Presentation types
All presentations will be given in English.
  • Paper: 30-minute oral presentation session, of which 5 minutes are for discussion.
  • Workshop: 45-minute session for presenter(s) to share practical skills, techniques or ideas in an interactive format.
  • Colloquium: 90-minute panel session. A colloquium provides a platform for three to six speakers to present a related theme/topic together collaboratively. Colloquium organisers may divide the time slot allotted as they prefer, but there should be time for opening and closing remarks, presentations by individual presenters and interactions with the audience.
  • Poster: 45-minute session. An all-day presentation medium for visually displaying a snapshot (e.g., enlarged text, graphics, diagrams, charts, tables) of a study. Poster presenters will be present at a designated time to engage face-to-face with conference attendees about the poster contents.
Important dates
  • January 31, 2018: Deadline for abstract submission
  • March 15, 2018: Notification of submission acceptance
  • April 1 - April 30, 2018: Early-bird registration
  • May 1 - June 12, 2018: Standard registration
  • June 27 - June 29, 2018: The Conference (and on-site registration starts on June 26)
Abstract submission
Please submit the following by January 31, 2018:
  • A title of up to 12 words
  • An abstract of up to 200 words
  • A short bio of up to 60 words
Abstracts can be submitted through the following link:
Abstract submission opens: August 15, 2017
Deadline for submissions: January 31, 2018
Conference Activities
  • Keynote Speech (50 minutes, invited)
  • Plenary Sessions (50 minutes each, invited)
  • Featured Presentations (40 minutes each, invited)
  • Colloquia (90 minutes)
  • Workshops (45 minutes)
  • Paper sessions (30 minutes)
  • Poster presentations (45 minutes)
  • Network Meetings (for Presidents of TEFL National Organizations)
  • Organizational Meetings (The AsiaTEFL EC meeting & the MAAL/HAAL business meeting)
  • Reception and cultural dinners
  • Half-day complimentary cultural tour for all participants
  • Book exhibitions
Conference venue: University of Macau

The University of Macau (UM) is a leading higher education institution in Macau, with English as its working language. In recent years, the university has made great progress in various areas, gaining increasing international recognition for its teaching, research and community service. To better support higher education development in Macau and to meet society's ever-increasing demand for high quality professionals, the university relocated in August 2014 to a beautiful campus which covers just over a square kilometre. With this state-of-the-art campus, the implementation of Asia's largest residential college system, the establishment of new faculties and well-equipped laboratories, and the increasing numbers of students and faculty members recruited from around the world, UM possesses great potential and provides exciting new possibilities for academic achievement and professional development.

About Macau

Macau is an SAR (Special Administrative Region) on the southeastern coast of China. It is a small peninsula in China, across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong. A Portuguese overseas territory until 1999, it reflects a mix of Portuguese and Chinese influences. It is famous worldwide for its giant casinos and extravagant malls.

The total area of Macau is 30.3 km2, or 11.6 sq miles, and the population is 643,100 (estimated in 2015), which makes it one of the most densely populated cities in the world.

Macau is a very safe place to live and visit--there are virtually no violent crimes in the city.

There are many interesting places to visit in Macau, and access to most of them is either free or quite cheap. There are many examples of interesting Portuguese colonial architecture in the city centre, such as public buildings, churches, etc. Macau is quite a small place, and you can easily walk around the centre and explore the sites and alleys of Old Macau.

For more information please go to:

The time zone is GMT+8, and there is no daylight savings time during the summer months. For more general information, you can go to

For the 2018 Conference all participants will enjoy a complimentary half-day tour.

International Transportation
There are many direct flights from different countries and regions in Asia to Macau. Flying to Hong Kong and transferring from the Hong Kong International Airport or from the Hong Kong city centre by a 60-minute ferry ride to Macau is also a convenient option.

For more information, please visit
Macau International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport

Local Transportation
During the conference, free shuttle services will be offered from the official hotels to the university. There are also local buses routes running regularly to and from the university.

Taxis are not very expensive, particularly if you are sharing with 2 or 3 friends. However, it's not easy to get a taxi from campus, so you might consider taking a bus into town and a taxi back, if you feel tired.

Taxi prices are as follows:
   First 1.600 meters at flag fall - MOP 17.00
   For each 260 meters afterwards - MOP 2.00

Bus information and routes: There are plenty of bus lines in Macau, so it is not difficult to move around the city. On the bus stops there are posters showing the route and stops of each line, so you can easily see where each bus goes.

There are three bus lines that come into campus: Bus #72 goes to Taipa, while buses #71 and #73 go to the Macau side. It takes approximately 15 minutes from the University to Taipa or to Macau city centre on a normal day.

The price of a bus journey varies between MOP 3.20 and MOP 6.40 depending on the distance the bus covers. You need to pay using coins for the exact fare, as they do not give you change. To avoid the inconvenience of having the right change, you can buy a Macau Pass, and there is a reduction in the fare if you use the pass. Macau Passes are pre-paid cards that you can buy and reload in any convenience store (Circle K, 7-Eleven), on campus and in town. The initial cost is MOP 130.00, with MOP30.00 being an initial deposit.

You can also use the bus pass as a debit card in convenience shops, cake shops, some supermarkets and Food Paradise, a cafeteria on campus.
The conference's official hotels will be Holiday Inn Macau Cotai Central (4 Star+, rate is about USD 110/night), Inn Hotel (3 Star, rate is about USD 80/night), and Postgraduate House at University of Macau (budget accommodation, rate is about USD 40/night). There are other small hotels in the Taipa area or on the Macau side. During the conference, free shuttle services will be offered from the official hotels to the university. Hotel booking will be availiable through the conference website from August 20, 2017.

Holiday Inn Macao Cotai Cetral
Inn Hotel Macao

  1. General inquiries should be directed to:
  2. Specific and/urgent inquiries should be directed to: (hotel booking) or (Registration & Abstract Submission) with CC to

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