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Volume 16 Number 1, Spring 2019, Pages 1-447 PDF Download

Examining English Test Practicality among Different Stakeholders in Thailand

    Arnon Chaisuriya & Sun-Young Shin

This study investigated perceptions of university students from various areas in Thailand regarding aspects of English test practicality including affordability, convenience, resources, contents, and delivery modes. 210 students filled out a questionnaire consisting of three sections: demographic data, perceptions of test practicality, and views on content and delivery. The data was further analyzed to see whether any differences in the perceptions of test practicality existed between students from universities in Bangkok and those from other regional universities. An additional analysis was conducted to examine relationship between their perceptions and other variables, such as socio-economic status (SES) and gender. The results revealed that Thai university students viewed the test of English for international communication as important for their future careers despite their unfamiliarity with it. Several aspects of practicality can be enhanced by taking extra steps, such as organizing orientations for high-school students or college freshmen, offering scholarships and fee waivers, and creating a level-based test. Stakeholders from middle-income families and those outside the metropolis had acquaintance with and an encouraging attitude toward the test and the opportunity to achieve a higher score. Regarding gender's effects on test practicality, while male students embraced computer and the Internet as the new delivery mode, female students, on the other hand, seemed reluctant to do so.

Keywords: Testing, TOEIC, Thailand, practicality

단체명: AsiaTEFL (아시아영어교육학회)
고유번호: 605-82-77130
소재지: 광주광역시 광산구 호남대길 59, 1층 4101호
대표자: 박주경