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Volume 15 Number 4, Winter 2018, Pages 900-1238 PDF Download

Empowering Teachers through Core Reflection: A Case in Korea

    Judy Yin

This study explored the reflection process of secondary in-service English teachers during a graduate course. In particular, the study aimed to examine the type of reflection the teachers are engaged in as they strive toward experiencing core reflection. In addition, the restricting and contributing factors during the process of reflection were also looked into. A total of 17 in-service secondary English teachers participated in this study. The data were collected from class observations, group discussions, reflective presentations, and interviews. The results of the study showed that they struggled at first due to many restricting factors such as lack of training to conduct structured reflections and ongoing administrative concerns. As they progressed and focused on a particular question that triggered further reflection, they were able to collaboratively reflect on a shared theme. This enabled them to confront their long-term difficulties and finally move forward. The implication of the study points out the importance of proper training to conduct effective reflection on a regular basis and the efforts to provide programs that focus on helping teachers to redefine imported theories and methods so that they can appropriately apply them in their classrooms.

Keywords: reflection, reflective practice, core reflection, empowerment, teacher training

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