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Volume 9 Number 3, Autumn 2012, Pages 1-187   

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Glossing Mode in Self-regulated Vocabulary Learning, and its Relationship with Gender, Age, and Field of Study

    Karim Sadeghi and Sima Khezrlou

Over recent years, the study of self-regulation has replaced the study of learner strategies as it constitutes a process-oriented approach. The present study was an attempt to identify the Iranian EFL learners' use of self-regulated vocabulary strategies (SRVS) in texts with L1 and L2 marginal glosses and those accompanied by technology-enhanced materials on the computer. The study also compared strategy use across gender, age, and field of study. There were three experimental groups in the study each of which received different type of vocabulary instruction. Experimental group 1 was taught new vocabulary items in the form of printed textual definition coupled with still pictures. Experimental group 2 was taught via marginal glosses in L1 and experimental group 3 was taught via marginal glosses in L2. All the participants were asked to fill out the self-regulating capacity in vocabulary learning scale (SRCvoc). The results of a one way ANOVA showed significant differences, and the Tukey post-hoc test showed that there was a significant difference only between the texts with still pictures and those with L1 and L2 marginal glosses. Regression analyses indicated that vocabulary strategy use was influenced by individual variables.

Keywords: self-regulated vocabulary strategies; computer-mediated learning; L1/L2 glosses; gender, age, field of study

단체명: AsiaTEFL (아시아영어교육학회)
고유번호: 605-82-77130
소재지: 광주광역시 광산구 호남대길 59, 1층 4101호
대표자: 박주경