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Volume 1 Number 2, Autumn 2004, Pages 1-171   

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From the Editor-in-Chief

    Bernard Spolsky

In the first issue of the journal, we expressed our pleasure that its appearance demonstrated the potential of ASIA TEFL to takes its place at the forefront of academic and professional writing in the field. The twenty-one articles published in that first issue, plus the seven new articles in this issue, clearly add up a body of annual publication that any association can be proud of. Again, the selection has been carried out with anonymous review by peers. Thus, as we prepare for the second annual conference, we can see that we have two of the major attributes of an international professional organization: a regular meeting and a regular journal.
Next year, we will carry regularization a step further, dividing the papers among four separate issues and so joining the established status of quarterly publication. Again, I need to express our deepest gratitude to the Managing Editor, Professor Jin-Wan Kim and the members of the editorial board whose voluntary contribution of time to editing and reviewing made this issue possible, and to the Council and Officers of ASIA TEFL led by President Hyo Woong Lee who found the resources to pay for the expenses of the journal.
Finally, let me echo the Managing Editor's call in the last issue for contributions of papers for future issues.

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고객센터 : 043-230-3543 (09:00~18:00)