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1. Richard Johnstone (University of Stirling, Scotland, UK)

Developments in Bilingual Education and CLIL: Asian and European perspectives

Professor Emeritus Richard Johnstone OBE was for many years Director of the Scottish Centre for Information on Language Teaching & Research, based at the University of Stirling, which is the national government-funded centre of language-learning expertise in Scotland. He has conducted a large number of research projects on the teaching and learning of languages, not only modern foreign or second languages but also heritage and community languages. He writes an annual review of international research on language-teaching, -learning, -policy and -use which is published by the Cambridge University Press and has authored many research reports and other texts for public policy bodies such as the government in Scotland, the European Commission, the Council of Europe, the British Council and the Spanish Ministry of Education. In recent months he has given talks in many countries, including Ireland, Spain, Slovenia, China, South Korea, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and India. Although retired from full-time employment, he is still actively engaged in conducting research projects, supervising PhD students, writing articles and is currently Director of four major research projects in different countries: a) the independent evaluation of the national bilingual education project in Spain; b) a national feasibility study for early bilingual education in Portugal; in his home country of Scotland he is head of a national initiative designed to develop a research capacity to support the maintenance and revitalisation of the Scottish Gaelic language; and d) he is Director of an exploratory research project of the British Council East Asia Network which is designed to consider policies, problems and possibilities for bilingual education involving English in five East Asian countries: Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, the Philippines and Vietnam.

2. Christopher Ziguras ( RMIT University, Australia)

Changing Patterns of International Student Mobility Within the Asia Pacific Region

Christopher Ziguras is Associate Professor in the School of Global Studies, Social Science and Planning and Program Director, BA International Studies at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. His research explores various aspects of the political economy of international education, and he has written widely on the growth and the cross-border delivery of tertiary education, international education policy, and the impact of trade agreements on education services. His books include: The International Publishing Services Market co-edited with Bill Cope (Common Ground 2002); Self-Care: Embodiment, Personal Autonomy and the Shaping of Health Consciousness (Routledge 2004); and Transnational Education: Current Issues and Future Trends in Offshore Higher Education with Grant McBurnie (Routledge 2007). Previous appointments include: Research Fellow at the Monash Centre for Research in International Education (1999-2001); Deputy Director of the Globalism Research Centre, RMIT (2002-04); Acting Head of the School of International and Community Studies, RMIT (2004-05); and Director of Research in the School of Global Studies, Social Science and Planning, RMIT (2007-08).

3. Alan Maley (Former President of IATEFL , UK).

Literature from the Outside In and from the Inside Out

From 1962-88, Alan worked for the British Council in Jugoslavia, Ghana, Italy, France, China and India. From 1988-93 he was Director-General of the Bell Educational Trust in Cambridge from 1988-93 and then worked as Senior Fellow at NUS, Singapore until 1998. He served as President of IATEFL from 1989-91. From 1999-2003 he set up and ran the graduate programme in ELT at Assumption University, Bangkok. He is currently Visiting Professor at Leeds Metropolitan University, UK, and a freelance writer and consultant. He has published over 40 books and numerous articles.

4. James McLellan (University of Waikato, New Zealand)

Idiomatic competence across languages: Implications for EFL and EAP classrooms

James McLellan, PhD (Curtin University of Technology), is a senior lecturer in Sociolinguistics and Applied Linguistics at the University of Waikato, New Zealand. He previously taught at secondary and tertiary levels in Malaysia and in Brunei Darussalam. His research interests include Malay-English codeswitching, Language maintenance and shift in Borneo, and South-East Asian varieties of English, especially Asian lingua franca English.

5. Fuad Abdul Hamied (Deputy Minister for Education, Indonesia)

Responding to the global challenges through English at schools

Professor Fuad Abdul Hamied, PhD, his first degree in English Education from IKIP Bandung, his MA in TEFL from Department of Linguistics, SIU-C, USA, and his PhD from the same university. Currently President of the Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language in Indonesia (TEFLIN); editor to Asia TEFL Journal. Papers on language acquisition, teaching and testing have been presented in different national and international meetings. As a bureaucrat, currently Deputy Minister for Education, Coordinating Ministry for People's Welfare, Republic of Indonesia.


1. Dr. Xin Wu (Ministry of Education , China)

Primary English Education in China: From Policy to Practice

Dr. WU works as a Research Fellow and the Director of Primary English Department in the Curriculum and Teaching Materials Research Institute, Ministry of Education, China. Before her present job, she was an English teacher trainer and a professor in Southwest China Normal University. Her research interests include English education in schools, TEFL teacher education and TEFL curriculum development. Her recent books include: Teacher Change: Issues in In-service EFL Teacher Education (2005) and The Survey of the Current English Teachers in Schools in China (2008).

2. Dr. Phyllis Ghim-Lian (Nanyang Technological University , Singapore)

Primary School English Education in Singapore: From Policy to Practice

Dr Phyllis Ghim-Lian Chew is Associate Professor at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University. Besides international journal publications, she has also authored books on language, education, women studies and comparative religion. Her latest book is entitled Emergent Lingua Francas and World Order ( New York: Routledge 2009). An applied linguist, she has served on the international advisory boards of Teaching Education, Malaysian English Language Teaching Journal, the Iranian Journal of Language Studies, Asian EFL Journal, Asia Tefl Journal and Gendering Asia.

3. Kensaku Yoshida (Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan)

Issues in English Education in the Primary Schools--with Emphasis on the Transition to Secondary Schools

Kensaku Yoshida is Director of the Center for the Teaching of Foreign Languages in General Education at Sophia University. He is also the Director of the Sophia Linguistics Institute for International Communication. He has worked on many committees for MEXT to revise and improve English education in Japan. He is also a Trustee of The International Research Foundation for English Language Education (TIRF) and an Executive Director of Asia TEFL. He has given plenary and featured talks at numerous domestic and international conferences.

4. Hoo Dong Kang (Chinju National University of Education, South Korea)

Primary School English Education in Korea: From Policy to Practice

He is currently a professor at Chinju National University of Education and serves as the president of the Pan-Korea English Teachers Association (PKETA) as well as the technology executive director of the Asia TEFL executive council. Dr. Kang specializes in Teaching Methods and MALL. His academic interests are primarily focused upon MALL, material & curriculum development, and improving teacher education. He has been involved in a variety of national projects in Korea.

5. Rama Mathew (Delhi University, Delhi)

Young learner English language policy and implementation: A view from India

Rama Mathew is Professor in the Department of Education, Delhi University, Delhi. Previously she taught at the Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad where she was involved in English language education, specifically teacher education and assessment for more than twenty years. She is presently coordinating the English proficiency course which makes English accessible to the disadvantaged students of Delhi University through task-based materials as well as end tests that assess all skills of the language at three levels.

6. Do Mai Chi (Provincial Department of Education and Training, Ninh Binh, Vietnam)

Challenges of Teaching English at the Primary School: Voices from the Classroom

Do Thi Mai Chi is an EFL teacher and Foreign Language Specialist from Ninh Binh Department of Education and Training of Ninh Binh province, Vietnam. Her professional interests include primary English education, teacher development under difficult circumstances, and language policy implementation.